today :)

big hello to readers :D hari ni kita panggil hari "the kepoh day" di mana kawan2 akn bertanya , "eh results bpe, results ?" , "okay ke ?" , "eh results kw oke?", "amacam? dpt bpe A? ". oh man . lutut goyang kiri kanan --'. as my angah cakap whatever the results would be just syukur as i've done my very best and thanks for a million people who give me strength to face this . i do not know if there is no you all what will happen , how much can i deal with reality ? can i make my parents happy ? dear god i've done my best so the rest i leave it to you. only one thing i ask from HIM , please make my parents happy . i want to see my parents crying because moved and no other else . help me god , show me the path . dear results please be good to me :) i love you ALLAH .

dear god please make this person happy with my results :

and do not forget this person :

got to go . wish and pray for me :D

don't judge a book by it's cover ♥

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