k aku tk thu tajuk ape -,-

jyeah jyeah , iela is back ! haha . k aku tengah menyirap siak , asl tweet mcm haram ? lmbt gila loading . cepat la cepat la . kita nk tgk tweet NN haha . hari jumaat hari tu ada perjumpaan dgn rumah pasukan . k siapa lah yg baik hati sgt jdkn aku ketua handball bwh 18thun ni ? terima kasih ;D lol . hari selasa dah start latihan rumah sukan . watlek bosan lah . ape aku nk buat sepanjang latihan tu eak ? training handball tkyh ckp lah . sendiri mau igt . lepas tu kena turun training bina juara pulak tu :/ suddenly idk why i feel so upset today . i've been thinking that ,

the day we're together training handball and you're busy with netball , the day at mcd , we shared a bowl of porridge together , the day we're fight for each other and you persuaded me , the day you came to my house and i lie down on your lap , the day we walked at the wetex and my legs felt much hurt , the day we're together at the canteen and i close your eyes wink *_* , the day we were having 3rd anniversary and i made a biscuit for you , the day i cried and you land me your shoulder , the day you wake me up in the morning and you be my source of inspiration , the day we walked to the expo and i bought you superman and elmo shirt , the day you campony me at the stadium when i have high jumps event . you know what ? i miss that .

and ,
i miss you the old one sister :/ . we have kinds of biological siblings and you didn't notice it :( do you remember this ? "we weren't sister by birth, but we knew from the start, fate brought us together to be sister by heart :( "

this is fitting for us to be kind 

don't judge a book by it's cover ♥

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