Here For You XD


      There was so much i needed to say but it doesn't matter now, the only thing i can say is sorry for everything what i've done before. Even long time we are not communicate i'll bot stop thinking of you until my last breath, i hope so.  You spread happiness all around me with your sweet, jokes and carring way. I don't mind who you're and when you're from. You're sister and also my friend that who give me a hand to hold, inspire me and always has a ear to lend. Here i wanna wishing you all the joy and hoping all your dream come true. 

         Months by months, we have shared everything. You always support me, helping me in every way, you're my backbone. On this special day, i want to let you know, i will kept you close to my heart and i am not regret knowing you. Sometimes we are real close and sometimes we don't get along but i know you always be there for me and you will always care. Do you remeber the first time we meet? The first time we text? The first time you look at me and smile at me? Do you remember you gave me an ice-cream? So do you remember all of that? Cause i sure do, and i've a question now, its long time i kept it. How come "forever" ended so quickly? I hope its only my feeling. I wish we can go back to normal (from the first time we meet) but i know its too late now. Nevermind i don't mind, as long as i know you're happy enough.

          Everyday i hear your voice, i miss you badly, i wish i could be with you if i had a choice but i didn't have any choice. I am sorry. I never forget your beatiful smile, full of laughter and how you acted when you're with me. You're too kind and soft-hearted, All the memories hunt me and i ignore it and act like nothing happen. Missing you, loving you, praying for you is part of my daily life but most of all is believing on you. Ours memories syill keeps playing on my mind and it won't fade. Here i wanna say thank you for your love and cares that you gave. 

may your wishes come true 
happy always 
keep smiling when you're in sad
solve your problem properly
study hard in your exam
your future in your hand sayang
trust what your heart say
carefully when you're in choosing your friend
don't friend with a backstabber
I hope this is not the last wish from me to you
Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri
amalina ismail

don't judge a book by it's cover ♥

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