i want to forget that i was stupid enough to believe your "forever". i want forget the hurt of knowing that i was completely myself with someone for the first time in my life , letting all the walls down and opening out about some of my deepest hurts and fears and insecurities.... and when you saw  me for everything that i was, you said, "NO THANKS". you see it's one thing to try your hardest to be the person you think someone else wants you to be, and then be rejected. maybe you just weren't good at pretending, and at least you can take comfort in that. but to know that you were 100% yourself , and you were rejected for who you truly are... THAT SHAKES YOU TO YOUR VERY CORE . 

malam ni bola pukul 8.30 , MALAYSIA ganyang INDONESIA . tengok tau ! hehe

don't judge a book by it's cover ♥

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